In Fields Where They Lay (2009)

by Ricardo Pérez González

Presented by The Dreamscape Theatre at the Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC (December 11th, 2009 – January 5th, 2010)

“Smart and effective direction… a first-rate cast gives a fine example of ensemble acting.”
-Wilborn Hampton, The New York Times

“Brad Raimondo’s direction of this work serves as a showcase for these actors as well as his directing style…  This is a tight group who respect the style in which they are performing…  as if they are part of an acting squadron rather than a cast.  Raimondo is to be commended for that as well... it’s clear that this is a show that had an amazing vision.”
-Michael Roderick,


Zack Calhoon, Pete Forester, Billy Griffin, Carl Hendrick Louis,
Alan McNaney, Jared Sampson, Michael Swartz & Morgan Anne Zipf

Scenic Design: Kacie Hultgren | Costume Design: Joanne Haas
Lighting Design: Wilburn Bonnell | Sound Design: Geoff Roecker


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