And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

Presented by Festival 56 at the Council Auditorium, Princeton, Illinois

“Festival 56’s production of And Then There Were None, directed by Brad Raimondo, breathes new life into the old plot…
The danger onstage is palpable, and I guarantee you will rarely see this caliber of excitement in live theater
Raimondo has set up a game for the audience in that his murderer is playing fair. The perpetrator does all the machinations of each murder in full view of the audience. Watching the final dress rehearsal with prior knowledge of the show, I must admit that I missed every one of those actions, but that was largely because I was busy watching everyone else onstage, since every character seems to be up to something.”
-Ron McCutchan, The Bureau County Republican

Dexter Brigham, Marybeth Donahoe, Drew Hampton, Zach Handler, Cody Jolly, Brian Dallas Kocher,
Justin Ostergard, Andy Pollock, Jillian Prefach, Dave Roden & Emelie Whitmer

Scenic Design: Christopher Godomski | Costume Design: Amanda Ytzen | Lighting Design: Jonathan Allender-Zivic

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