WHALE SONG or: Learning to Live With Mobyphobia

By Claire Kiechel

Presented by The Dreamscape Theatre at the New York International Fringe Festival (August, 2011)

“A moving and artful look at coping with the loss of a loved one… The direction of this play by Brad Raimondo is truly beautiful and pointed. Whale Song or: Learning to Live with Mobyphobia is the perfect meeting of script (by Claire Kiechel) and direction… Raimondo consistently uses simple objects and staging to create scenarios that many directors would think they needed a higher budget to create.”
–Ryan Emmons, nytheatre.com

Brad Raimondo directs with the deft, steady hand that’s necessary for a play that hops in and out of reality.”
–Arlene McKanic, New York Cool.com

“The smart and inventive staging by Brad Raimondo is quite creative, and helps his ensemble to make the stage feel much bigger than it is.”
–Mateo Moreno, Big Vision Empty Wallet

“Surreal and cleverly absurd, Whale Song is nonetheless drawn to the darker questions of death, loss, and sanity… director Brad Raimondo’s staging echoes the isolating quality of Maya’s grief.
–Chloe Carter Brown, New York Theater Review



Maya Swan – Hollis Witherspoon
James Swan – Gavin Starr Kendall
Mark – Ryan Feyk
Sarah Swan – Siri Hellerman
Shep the Motherfucking Drummer – Jordan Smith
Reporter – Rosie Sowa

Scenic & Lighting Design by Christopher Heilman
Costumes Design by Sarah Reever | Sound Design by Sam Kusnetz

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